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swap headphones

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Swap Headphones : A community for music recommedations to enlighten others.

Basic Idea :
You see, what you do is post the title/artist of a song you like and why you like it, with a few lines on why everyone else should download it. People will download it and comment with what they think; you, in turn, will download songs that look appealing that others have recommended, and comment on what you think. It's as simple as that.

Rules :
+ at least give the appearance of staying on topic, please.
+ don't post thousands of songs per entry. Up to three or four is fine--fifty is extreme.
+ for the sake of brevity, if you're gonna post lyrics, lj-cut them.
+ put a bit of thought into your post. For example: "everyone should download Tempest becuase Tim Kasher is sooooooo HOT!!!1" is not a valid entry.
+ not really a rule, but more of a request: heinous grammatical errors make Baby Jesus cry. Spell check is your friend. I am the original spelling/grammar Nazi and while I won't delete an error-riddled post, I will snicker sadistically at your badass illiterate self. StIcKy cApS are the Devil and should be avoided at all costs.
+ this one's for the people that feel it necessary to make those "OMFG Avril Lavigne SUCKS!!!!" comments. All music types can be posted here. That means no insulting, guys. Or rather, don't insult Britney Spears because she's a skank ho; insult her songs because they're insipid and Britney can't sing. Bottom line: you don't make fun of some random girl because she recommended an Avril song, and she doesn't make fun of you because you posted, I don't know, a Bob Dylan song.

MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL : try something different! if you're a metalhead who reads something good about a Matchbox Twenty song, try downloading it. If all you listen to is Justin Timberlake, but someone writes about a kickass Simon and Garfunkel song, give it a spin. Diversity is good, folks.

--xed from blurty.